Las Vegas therapy dog brings about a breakthrough

Kirby was so still just waiting for this one touch

Kirby was so still just waiting for this one touch

The child did not focus on anything or anyone.

His eyes roamed from spot to spot and his body followed suit with shaking and wandering.

He did not look towards spoken words.

He did not sit still.

He did not walk calmly.

He did not listen carefully.

He did not want to speak.

He did not want to hear a story.

He did not want to touch the dog.

But he was drawn to the little dog.

He came closer.

He stood almost still for just a moment.

He looked at the little dog and made the quickest of eye contact.

He moved towards the little dog.

The dog stayed perfectly still, not moving a hair.

He looked over the dog and his eyes came to rest on the little dog’s body.

Then the miracle happened.

The little dog turned to see who was looking at him – and the boy looked back.

Straight into the dog’s eyes.

And he held the focus.

For the first time he actually looked right at something and held the look.

Then a small hand reached out and touched the little dog.

One boy, one little dog, one look, one moment of clarity, one touch of recognition.

That is what can happen in one hour with children experiencing the autism spectrum and dogs that they cannot resist.

The Power of Pets program has brought about many little breakthroughs, but this time it was very special.

 “Power of Pets” provides specially tailored programs for children and their families who are affected by Autism Spectrum Disorder and other special learning needs, or for ongoing tracked programs.  For more information about this program or to invite Love Dog Adventures to your school, contact / 917-301-4710