Lucy, Lucy, Lucy – how we love you

Lucy is a natural

Lucy is a natural

Las Vegas has one more stellar Delta Dog, Lucy.

Lucy is a Cockapoo. Lucy is a lover.

Lucy is a sweet girl who loves nothing more than going in the car, strutting through crowds of people and settling in for some good hugs and kisses.

Lucy began her Pet Partner therapy career at a dementia care / hospice facility and made people smile who didn’t know they could still smile.

She took her time going from client to client, giving some kisses and others little smiles. She accepted all the attention they could muster, some interacting with a dog for the first time.

One client said she was not very interested in dogs, but how you could she resist Lucy? Lucy quietly snuggled closer and closer and before you knew it they were touching.

One client had never been able to really visit with the other dogs and owners because she did not speak English, but Lucy’s mom spoke her language so a friendship was formed right away. What a joy to be able to chat with someone. And it was her birthday so she was especially happy to have a new friend.

Another client thought Lucy was another dog and reveled in her sweet memories of dogs from years past.

Everyone agreed that Lucy is a natural. She was quiet, steady, happy with a continually wagging tail.

Karen knew exactly how to relate to everyone and guide Lucy through her paces. The hour spent with this team made the day all the better for everyone, the clients, the staff, the handler and the dog!