Sally: her light will shine on

Sally was all ready to go to work

Sally was all ready to go to work

At the senior age of “at least” eight Sally was adopted into a new home. No one really knew her story but her eyes spoke volumes.

All the years of her life had prepared her for this new opportunity. She joined a family with other dogs but something in her made a light shine through.

We have all met dogs that dramatically changed lives. For me it was Coco. For this family it was Sally.

Sally was not the youngest, or the most playful, or the best behaved of the pack. She was just Sally. And that was enough.

Her soul shone through.

She seemed to age rapidly and started losing some of her senses in her ten or eleventh or twelfth year. And just about this time, when she was slowing down, a new door opened for her.

Sally, almost blind and deaf and very slow on her legs, became a Delta Pet Partner therapy dog. She took the course with grace and passed the rigorous test with elegance.

She was not the fastest to sit or down but she held her gaze on everyone she met.

She was not the quickest to come to you when called but when she reached you, you knew she was full of joy.

She was not the steadiest on her feet but she would lean into you for the closest hug.

And when she turned to look at you with her cloudy eyes you knew she really saw you. Really saw the essence of who you are.

Sally never actually made it to volunteering. Soon after she passed her test her health started deteriorating. But she continued to inspire and support the other dogs with her spirit and determination. She fought a good fight right up until her last showed us all that when you adopt an older dog your life is just as much saved as theirs.

Sally taught her family and everyone she met what it means to love large. Not a mean bone in her body, she epitomized what a dog truly brings to your life – the ultimate in friendship and loyalty.

So goodbye Sally and thank you for showing us all what a good ole’ girl could accomplish.