Three dogs on a bed – more about Las Vegas Star Therapy Dogs

What could be better than three dogs!

What could be better than three dogs!

It is the sign of well trained therapy dogs that they can work together – very closely. When three dogs can be inches apart with a client, you know their training and temperament is rock solid.

Small dogs can be placed on a bed on a towel or matt so we decided if one dog was good therapy, and two dogs were even better why not three?

This is an amazing tag team, Kirby, Getzy and Lucy. Their solid training shone through as they each waited their turn for petting patiently, settled in to comfortable spots as directed with their Place and Down and thoroughly enjoyed being together.

Often Delta Pet Partners wonder why we pay so much attention to some of the elements they are tested on but when you get to experience those elements in a practical application, it makes you so proud of your animal – and yourself.

Yes my dog can be around other dogs.

Yes my dog can Down on command.

Yes my dog can respect another dog’s space.

Yes my dog can wait his turn for attention.

Yes my dog can remain quiet for long periods of time.

 Yes my dog can have several people pet him at once.

 Yes my dog can snuggle up exactly where he is positioned and not waiver from his spot.

Yes my dog can be around new smells and sounds and sights and still be happy.

Yes my dog can lie on a bed with two other dogs for an immobile client to experience the sense of dogs all around her.

Yes my dog can be a star therapy dog.