When the dogs come to school

Rocky loves to teach

Rocky loves to teach

When we partnered with a second grade class, no one really knew what to expect. The class focus is on pets so we knew they would enjoy meeting the dogs, but so much more came from this relationship.

The children are learning to be kind and gentle and respectful.

They are learning to listen to visitors to their class and enjoy doing “homework!”

They are learning how to be a good dog owner and be safe around dogs.

They are learning to welcome people to their class and not make fun of them.

They are learning to read together and write stories.

They are learning not to bully or tease the dogs

They are learning that animals have feelings

They are learning to be safe around dogs, especially large ones

And they are teaching US more every visit.

What our second graders are saying about the Love Dogs:

  • “I have learned a lot from Sue and the dogs like how to meet a dog. I did not know that before.”
  • “I want to learn how to be a good dog owner. “
  • “Sue and her dogs inspire me to learn more about dogs.” Kirby, Benny and Rocky are nice dogs and fun to be with – they have big hearts.”
  • “I like doing the homework Sue gives us – it’s fun.”
  • “Sue and her friends are the nicest people I have ever met in the whole wide world.”
  • “I learned a lot about dogs. Sue’s dogs are very cool.”
  • “I want to learn how to train dogs. And I am inspired to learn more about therapy dogs.
  • “My favorite part of the day is when we get to feed Kirby and let him walk around.”
  • “Rocky is a very good dog. I never knew he could eat so fast!”
  • “I’m sorry I said Benny smelled like fish! He smells only like a dog!”
  • “Rocky is happy that he has Sandy. He is a very special dog.”
  • “Kirby is a handsome dog, but most of all he is a famous dog to me.”
  • “I feel like I have three dogs.””When Rocky first came in I thought I was going to freak out. He is bigger than my pit bull.  But when he looked around and saw me, he smiled and I saw his big eyes are brown like mine.”