Why retest Delta Pet Partner teams?


Brutus and Tytus just passed their re-evaluations

Brutus and Tytus just passed their re-evaluations

Delta Society is the only animal assisted therapy organization that requires re-testing every two years. Teams need to complete and pass all the elements of the test (skills and aptitude) every two years to ensure the quality and safety of the teams.

While re-testing is often a fun experience for handler and animal, sharing success stories and heartwarming moments, it can also be a challenging one.

  • What if your animal is aging out and just not able to continue working?
  • What if you or your animal have developed physical limitations and new techniques for handling need to be devised
  • What if you have not volunteered in a while and your animal and you are rusty in your skills?
  • What if the human has the desire to continue but your animal is no longer interested in working and telling you it’s time to retire?
  • What if you are just nervous taking tests and your anxiousness translates to your animal?

It is very difficult for a tester to tell a returning team that they are just not up to Delta’s standards when they have passed before.  But this is why Delta Society’s Pet Partners are so respected – the training and testing is rigorous and expected to stay at that high standard throughout the team’s career.