Kirby lost another friend today

Kirby could not be consoled

Kirby could not be consoled

Kirby has foreshadowed three deaths thus far and now I am super sensitive to all of his signals.

Yesterday while visiting a favorite client of ours he turned his little body away, just as he has done before. Rather than snuggle up close to her face, he quietly moved farther and farther away until he was lying on her bed facing away. He put his head down and had the saddest look. We could not encourage him to turn towards his friend or to pick up his head.

He knew.

Just as he had known before, he knew this was goodbye.

We know animals have much more intuitive senses than humans. They have a stronger sense of smell and hearing. And now I see that Kirby has a sense to know when the end is near.

We spoke with our friend and Kirby snuggled closer to her body. But he did not look at her.

I picked Kirby up off the bed and put him back in his stroller. He usually sits up looking around him. But he buried his head down as if hiding and would not look up. He was done.

He was sad.

He was grieving.

He was not going to visit with anyone else.

We went home and learned our friend did indeed pass away soon after our visit.

Kirby’s last visit.

I am convinced she knew we were there. And I know for certain Kirby’s warm body was a comfort.