RISE Resource Center brings dogs and children together

RISE Resource Center launched their new Reading Circles on Saturday and it was a huge success.

Seven Delta Society Pet Partner dog teams welcomed children of a broad range of ages to read stories to the dogs, learn about “their” dogs and have fun, fun, fun.

The children were greeted by an array of suitable books and even stories about the dogs they were reading to.

In attendance was the smallest therapy dog at five pounds and one of the largest at over 100 pounds!

Each month RISE will open their dogs to this unique program whereby children age 5 and up choose a book, read to their selected dog, learn all about dogs and meet new kids.

RISE is open to all students in the valley including charter and public school students and those being home schooled. 

Reading Circles bring several children together with one or two dogs and they spend an hour discussing what they have read and will be writing stories about their dogs.

All the dogs are Delta Society Pet Partners and Love Dogs and have had the most rigorous training and testing.

Seven dogs sitting very close to one another and not one bark. The parents were amazed at how well mannered the dogs were and how the children quickly found their “favorites.”

The next Reading Circles will be on Saturday, January 28 at 10:00 am – 11:00 am at RISE (3460 North Rancho Drive, Las Vegas, NV in the Advent Methodist Church) and the full schedule can be found at this link.

Children will experience an hour of learning,, listening and loving with the Love Dogs.

Thank you Izzi, Maiya, Ziggy, Bailey, Koda, Kirby and Benny!