Can a silly, goofy dog become a therapy dog?

Bingo at work - always smiling

Bingo at work - always smiling

Why not?

The trick is finding just the right assignment for a dog like Bingo. She is big, funny looking in a perfectly adorable way, gangly and sweet.

Bingo likes to ramble when she walks and when she lies down her body takes up a whole blanket.

She loves having children all around her as well as sitting quietly with just one person.

Bingo is a rescue whose first home life was difficult. But all that matters is that her “last” home is ideal for a therapy dog. She shares her home with two other Pet Partner dogs and has an owner who is dedicated to volunteering and bringing out the best in her animals.

When people first see Bingo they think she is the dog from the movie Annie. Her ears don’t match and her grin is lopsided, which you see because she is always smiling.

When children read to her she actually “listens.”

And when people in the health facilities she visits look at her she tilts her head as if to say “Hi, how are you feeling today?”

So when can a goofy, silly, huge dog be a therapy dog? With the proper training and owner, anytime, anywhere.

You can meet Bingo in Las Vegas at the monthly Reading Circles … click here for the schedule