Some dogs are just born to be therapy dogs

Cheerio's bright smile

Cheerio's bright smile

Some dogs need time to settle into assignments and hone their skills as therapy dogs. And some are just naturals, born to do this work. Cheerio is one such dog.

Yes she had to learn all his good manners and commands.

Yes she had to learn the Delta Pet Partner way to do things safely.

Yes she had to learn positioning and blocking.

But she already knew how to engage with people and share her love.

Cheerio enjoyed all the attention

Cheerio enjoyed all the attention

Cheerio went on her first assignments in Henderson and Boulder City and shows all the signs of being a therapy star.

She was happy to greet all new people with gentle smile, happy to lean in for easy petting, happy to work alongside another dog.

This is what Cheerio’s owner and therapy partner Cheryl has to say about her natural instincts:

"Pet me some more please!"

"Pet me some more please!"

“Cheerio is always ready to go and meet new people. I knew she was a natural. When I tell people who know her what she is now doing they say, “She is the perfect dog for that type of work!!” She goes up to others and will gently place her head in their laps. She does not mind one or multiple people petting her. She is also willing to lie at my feet if asked. She is probably the most loving, generous and sweet dog I’ve ever lived with. And when we are visiting I realize how fortunate in life I am. It’s great if we can bring something to help them not think about their issues for just a bit. It’s a win for us all.”

Cheerio is seven years old and just embarking on her new career but shows all the signs of a dog that will work for many years in many different environments with many different populations. Cheerio is the kind of dog that can work with the elderly, frail clients as well as rambunctious children.

So Nevada gains one more exceptional Delta Pet Partner therapy team and Love Dog Adventures is excited to welcome them to our team.

So yes therapy dogs can be created … but the best are just born with that special “something” that makes them the stars.

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