Kirby’s cast is bigger than he is!

Kirby was happy to see me and remained calm

Kirby was happy to see me and remained calm

I was undecided whether I should visit Kirby at the hospital or not after his knee surgery. I did not want to excite him.

But this morning I really needed to see him and how he was doing so I asked if the doctors thought it was a good idea. He is doing really well and still somewhat sedated so I went over early in the morning. He was still groggy.

A nurse brought him out to see me and to see if he got too excited.

He did not.

He looked around a lot to get his bearings and then looked right at me but did not lean or jump to get to me.

That was a good sign.

So we went into an exam room and I picked him up. I wanted to get used to handling him with the cast on and see where he is comfortable being held.

He settled into my arms quickly and stopped whimpering. I only stayed a few minutes and then let him return to his kennel to rest.

I still don’t know if my visit helped Kirby but I know it helped me and if I stay calm around him while he’s healing, he will do better, faster.

He should come home tomorrow and I see his usual kennel will be too small with the cast and E-collar on so I am preparing a larger one for him.

Until his stitches are removed in two weeks, he will have to be restricted most of the day and away from Benny, so the larger kennel will do the trick.

Benny is going to two places to work today with me – covering for his big brother. I think the more I work Benny the calmer he will be at home and we must keep him away from Kirby.

All in all Kirby appeared brighter than I expected and know he will come through this beautifully.