The Love Dogs had a real Adventure today

Our therapy team is called Love Dog Adventures to carry on Coco the Love Dog’s many adventures over fifteen years.

Today six dogs went on a real adventure with three very special kids. The Love Dogs have partnered with a program that provides group homes for children living with multiple challenges.

The children we visit with regularly came to meet us in a nearby park and it was a wonderful experience for the children, their medical staff, our human volunteers and especially our dogs.
Once we all settled in, the dogs and kids found each other. Some children already have favorites and the dogs gravitated towards “their” child. Others had fun spending a little time with everyone.

There were cuddles and tickles, cool breezes felt on warm faces, dogs all snuggled up close to the children and each other.

There were six dogs in a small space and no barking, no problems … only joy and love and a feeling of truly making a difference.
Thank you to all of our teams and the incredible work you do — this Adventure brought out many moments of the healing power of pets.