I can see a glimpse of the puppy Kirby once was

Kirby even looks younger now!
Kirby even looks younger now!

Kirby goes for his checkup on Monday.

Three weeks ago Kirby had his left knee operated on. Two weeks ago he started acting like a young dog.

I never knew him when he was a puppy. Was he clever? Was he adventurous? Was he kind?

Now that his knee has been repaired and he is not experiencing pain, the pup he once was can be seen.

Yes he must have been a very clever little guy.

Yes he must have been adventurous.

Yes we all know he must have been kind.

Just look at him now.

He is walking faster and smoother. He is putting weight on his leg more and more. He is happier and he is more active.

We will repair his right knee this summer and I can just imagine this gentle spirit blossoming even more.

I so wish I had known him since he was a puppy but perhaps knowing him at this side of his life is even more important.

I often tell clients who have adopted dogs whose backgrounds are sketchy — it doesn’t matter nearly as much who gave them the first part of their life — it is who gives them the rest of their life that matters the most.