Oh my there’s a cat in my room!

Emily and Dancer - their first day at work

Emily and Dancer - their first day at work

Everyone was shocked to see a cat coming down the hall. Especially a cat being carried in a pouch!

But that’s how Dancer made her entrance to her first appearance as a Pet Partner therapy animal in Las Vegas.

Dancer went through all the training required by Pet Partners and aced her evaluation.

She learned to wear a harness and walk on a leash.

She learned how to Down and Stay and Go to her Blanket.

Dancer loved being brushed
Dancer loved being brushed

She learned how to be around dogs and children of all ages.

She learned to cuddle up – oh, she already knew that!

She certainly already knew how to love.

Dancer was now very happy to go to work. She loved being held and petted and especially loved being brushed.

Dancer was so gentle and loving
Dancer was so gentle and loving

She loved teaching people about cats, particularly her breed of cat.

She settled in right away on her blanket on a bed or lap and looked right into the eyes of whoever needed her the most.

She was comfortable being carried and also walked beautifully on her leash. That was something no one had ever seen before – a cat walking on a leash!

Dancer spent about an hour on her first assignment and everyone agreed she should come back again – soon. Some people wanted to keep her and she was so comfy with them, she probably would have stayed with them!

But this gorgeous Russian Blue belongs to Emily and they are an incredible team.

Dancer and Emily will work at a few different facilities showing everyone that the best animal for the job may just be a cat.

Congratulations to the Love Dogs newest member …  or should we sat Love Cats?


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