What is a cat?

Emily and Dancer are naturals

Emily and Dancer are naturals

The Love Dogs have been working with multiply challenged children in a group home for some time now and the children are becoming more and more familiar with dogs.

Each child has a different level of awareness, cognitive ability, capabilities but they all share something in common: they love the Love Dogs!

Some of the kids actively pet the dogs, some make eye contact, and some just enjoy the warmth of their bodies on their lap.

You have a cat on your lap!
You have a cat on your lap!

Any sense touched is a breakthrough so many dogs visit and the children are benefiting from these animal-assisted therapy visits.

Some of the children have favorite dogs and smile when they hear the dog’s name being called.

Some prefer the large dogs lying by their side on the floor.

Some prefer the little dogs sitting on their lap.

But what would they do when meeting a cat?

Perhaps they had never seen or felt a cat.

Hand over hand petting
Hand over hand petting

Is it the same as a dog?

Well the cat we chose to meet these very special kids is like a dog!

She walks on a harness and leash.

She is quiet and calm and can lie Down for long periods of time.

She loves being petted and brushed.

She curls up in a ball in the smallest of spaces like between someone’s legs.

That was fun, let's do it again
That was fun, let’s do it again

Dancer and her owner Emily had a remarkable first visit and will return to work their magic with the kids and expand their knowledge and love for all Love Pets.