Isabel (Izzy) is our newest Love Dog

That was fun!
That was fun!
Finally met Koda, the other Love Dog Aussie
Finally met Koda, the other Love Dog Aussie
We can't wait to go to work
We can’t wait to go to work

Izzy is the most beautiful Australian Shepherd.  With one blue eye and one brown eye she has the most intense look – as any Aussie should.

She sailed through her Pet Partner evaluation.  She once had difficulty with some of the obedience commands, but you would never have known it on test day!

Izzy is a proud member of the Air Force, living with her owner Captain Mary Gaines, so she is used to performing when it counts!

Izzy did well with the Skills section of the evaluation but it was during the Aptitude exercises that she really excelled.

Nothing could deter her from her task of loving people. Unusual sounds and visual distractions were no problem for Izzy. She never went towards the objects she was to Leave and settled in comfortably for Clumsy and Exuberant petting.

She always turned towards her name and gave that very special Izzy look — a quizzical look as if to say “Did you call me?”

Izzy and her owner are not sure where they will volunteer yet but wherever they choose to work, they will represent the Love Dogs and Pet Partners with great style and pride.