Can you be a Delta Pet Partners therapy team without your own animal?

Tamara will bring so much to our program - Kirby agrees!

Tamara will bring so much to our program - Kirby agrees!

You bet.

Delta Pet Partners has many non-animal volunteers and their participation is essential to the success of the Pet Partners programs. Non-animal volunteers assist with evaluations, activities or visits and anytime an extra pair of hands is needed.  Volunteers may man crafts areas, assist with Pet Partners Evaluations, take photos, hand out informational materials, read stories and corral the children!

For visits to health facilities they assist the animal handlers in many ways and most importantly interact with the clients. A new face, a new story, a new friend is always appreciated.

For those who do not have an animal or do not have one that is suitable to become an animal-assisted therapy partner, this is a perfect way to become involved and learn from the experienced teams and make a huge contribution while being around the animals you love.

Non-animal volunteers must still attend a Pet Partners Workshop so they fully understand the program’s policies and procedures and pass the course.

Then they register and begin their therapy career participating fully even though they do not have their own furry assistant!

So let’s welcome our newest member of the team, Tamara, as she takes on the essential role of volunteer without her own animal. Kirby sure is happy to have her around!