Dashing Dash and How He Found Just the Right Home for Him

My name is Dash and I have a very interesting story to tell

I was born in 2006 in Arizona.

My first owner had many big dogs and she thought they could hurt me because I was so small and fragile.

So she gave me to her neighbor and her two little boys.

They were very nice people and I loved the little boys but they had never owned a dog before … and certainly not a dog like me!

Leslie and Dash

Leslie and Dash

I am an Italian Greyhound and we are very special dogs indeed.We can run very, very fast but we are not the easiest of dogs to live with.

My first family left me alone for many hours, too many hours, every day.

I missed my family so much it made me very sad.

One day a very nice lady came to visit. She lived next door and had seen me and knew I was left all alone all day and night.

She offered to come take me for walks during the day and that’s how our friendship began.

Soon I was spending the night with my new friend, Leslie, and I wondered which family was my REAL family?

I went back to my two little boys sometimes but I started thinking of Leslie as my forever Mom.

She gave me treats and a nice place to sleep and seemed to love me a lot.

Dash learned to be a Love Dog

Dash learned to be a Love Dog

Leslie had many pets and loved them all.LIKE SPOOKY




But she made room for me.

She never made me feel like I didn’t belong.

She loved Sheba, a twelve year old Rhodesian Ridgeback mix but soon after we met, Sheba passed away.

I am the most handsome Iggy!

I am the most handsome Iggy!

Leslie was very sad.I tried to cheer her up because Italian Greyhounds know how to be silly!

Leslie had never had an Italian Greyhound before and she tells me it was very hard to potty train me!

And sometimes I wanted to stay in bed all day!

She also tells me I always liked to burrow under things – that’s what Iggy’s do – they like to be UNDER things.

And I also liked to go OVER things, even my sister

And she tells me I did not like to SIT!

Or lay DOWN!

Unless I was VERY TIRED

Then as the days went by …..

As the weeks went by …..

As the months went by …..

Some Iggy's are aloof but I love people

Some Iggy’s are aloof but I love people

One day I discovered that I was staying with Leslie and I was SOOOO HAPPPY!I did a little Iggy dance.

I was now over a year old and FINALLY found my forever home.

I just knew this was where I was supposed to be.

I had helped Leslie, my new Mom, grieve for Sheba and soon we had to grieve my other sister, Jill.

Jill was a hound mix and we loved her very much.

Jill had always been there to snuggle up with me and keep me warm because I don’t have much fur and Iggy’s get real COLD!!

I really missed my two sisters, Sheba and Jill.

Leslie always made me feel part of the family

Leslie always made me feel part of the family

Mom knew I was sad.One day Mom heard about another Iggy that needed a new home. Well an Italian Greyhound / Chihuahua mix — can you imagine what that dog looked like???

So Mom asked me if we should adopt him and I said YES right away.

So Kismet, Kizzy for short, came to be my brother.

We got along really well and I was happy my little family was growing.

But I still needed something else – I just knew there was something else I was supposed to do with my Mom.

So we went to school and I became a Love Dog.

Just as I helped Mom study for her tests, she helped me study for mine.

We passed!

Now we can teach people about my very special breed of dog and how it sometimes takes time and several families to find just the right one.

And we all lived happily ever after!