The fire bells are ringing! Where are the dogs???

Cricket loves coming to school

Cricket loves coming to school

We were teaching our class for our second graders, as we do every other Friday, when the loudest fire bells started ringing. I had never heard such loud bells.

The children were lined up and corralled into the play yard. The four dogs in class were asked to go outside with the children as well.

Kirby was so happy to be back to school after his surgery

Kirby was so happy to be back to school after his surgery

Not one dog was startled, upset, barking, crying or in any way responding to the incredibly loud noise. It seemed to go on forever.

All four dogs sniffed around the yard, greeted each other calmly and just waited. And of course Kirby had to pee!

Let's get back to reading

Let’s get back to reading

The principal came over because she had been looking for the dogs and could not believe she didn’t HEAR them!

“They are so quiet. How do you teach them not to react to such loud noises?” she asked.

Let's make sure Kirby's ears are ok - that bell was loud!

Let’s make sure Kirby’s ears are ok – that bell was loud!

Each dog went over to greet her nicely and we walked back in to school together.

I told her that if they responded to noises or any distractions they could not be Pet Partners therapy dogs and certainly not Love Dogs.

And when the bells stopped ringing and we went back inside, it was as if it never happened. The dogs settled right back in on their blankets and continued with class.

This is a critical part of the training and testing and our four dogs: Kirby, Benny, Dash and Cricket the Whippet, showed what it means to be secure, well mannered Love Dogs.