Bingo returns to work


Arriving at RISE, Bingo couldn't wait to get to the kids

Arriving at RISE, Bingo couldn’t wait to get to the kids

Almost two years ago Bingo was adopted by Sandy and Jim. Sandy was looking for a “black dog” and guess who she fell in love with? This huge, goofy white dog!

Bingo looked like she could be Annie in the Broadway show with huge floppy ears and a crooked smile.

Bingo wore a bright red sweater over her scar

Bingo wore a bright red sweater over her scar

As soon as she was eligible to become a Pet Partner Love Dog, she did. She loved going to the hospital and especially liked being with children.We wrote about her many times.

But after only a year working she took ill. It was determined she had an osteosarcoma in her front left leg.  Cancer.

She was the most popular dog there

She was the most popular dog there

Her career was cut short as her family waited to see the best path for her.Well, she seemed to be doing well. She was eating and wanting to play and always, always smiling. Then the decision was made to amputate her front leg and see how she got along.

Well she did just fine again.Very quickly she adapted to three legs and the most difficult thing to do, lying down and getting up, came easily for her.

So we thought perhaps she could return to therapy work. In a few months she will need to be re-evaluated anyway to renew her Pet Partner license, so why not bring her to see children and let them hear about her remarkable journey. And see if she can still perform all the behaviors and elements she needs to do to renew.

Thank you Sandy for sharing this incredible dog with us

Thank you Sandy for sharing this incredible dog with us


She is a bit slower with her walking and her Down is a bit awkward but her love and heart are the same – huge.

So Bingo came to RISE to Read with the Love Dogs. And she had the largest group of kids around her. Everyone wanted to meet this miracle dog.

After about half an hour Sandy thought it was enough for her first outing so she left.

We hope Bingo will make many more appearances, no matter how brief, so she can teach the children that when bad things happen to you, you just keep your head up and keep smiling and enjoy life.

Thank you Sandy for loving Bingo so much that she can still be a part of our program and give all that she has to give to others.