Cedar’s first visit

Being held is Cedar's favorite thing

Being held is Cedar’s favorite thing

Cedar had her first visit this week and she chose just the right place to kick off her therapy career.

Cedar is a dog that needs time to become familiar with her surroundings. She likes to warm up to people slowly and then give them a big dose of love.

Just keep petting me and I'm happy!

Just keep petting me and I’m happy!

Choosing a facility with fewer people and very loving clients who enjoy small dogs was the key.

Cedar’s handler, Jill, wanted to find one or two facilities where they could be consistent with their visiting and feel a connection to the clients. Jill had shadowed at this group home several times without her dog to get a feel for the clients who lived there and thought this would be perfect for them.

Fewer people and a feeling of being “home.”

Jill and Cedar

Jill and Cedar

The clients had never met a Mini Dachshund before and were surprised at how small Cedar is. And when they touched her, how soft she is.

She is so different than the other Love Dogs they have met, poodles, Labs, Goldens, spaniels. This little dog only wanted to be held and cuddled.

Jill and Cedar will return to this assignment and let Cedar settle in before looking to try another facility. It is always recommended you start off slowly with your animal and let them feel the joy of working and success before moving them on to a second or third environment.

Congratulations Jill and Cedar!

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