Cassidy and Julian work together

Getting reacquainted with Cassidy

Getting reacquainted with Cassidy

It was time for Julian to work with a larger, more powerful dog and Cassidy was the right pooch for the job.

She is an Airedale Terrier, the largest of the terrier breed. She weighs 70 pounds and is all muscle.

She has deep dark intense eyes.

Massaging Cassidy

Massaging Cassidy

She has a beard, typical of the breed’s grooming.

She wears pink so you know she is a girl!

She is beautiful.

But big.

"Cassidy, Stay," said Julian

“Cassidy, Stay,” said Julian

It took a few minutes for Julian to be comfortable with Cassidy.

They had actually met before3 but this was like the first time all over again.

First he approached her from behind.

Her large head was a bit scary.

After about five minutes he put his hand out for a good sniff.

After another few minutes he sat on the floor to read Cassidy’s story.

After another few minutes he reached out to pet her. “Remember how we give dogs a massage?  asked Marilyn, Cassidy’s owner.

Marilyn taught Julian all about canine massage with Benny and other dogs but now it was time for her own dog to get this wonderful attention.

And Julian responded. He took his little hand over Marilyn’s and stroked Cassidy along her back.

Cassidy, good job!

Cassidy, good job!

Eventually Julian did this on his own, his hand touching Cassidy’s soft fur.

Then it was time to take a walk!

Second leash secured, Julian walked with this strong dog with no fear.

"Sit, Cassidy."

“Sit, Cassidy.”

Cassidy has been searching for her perfect assignment, the one that makes her shine and proud.

Working one on one is definitely in her wheelhouse. She did everything asked of her and more. She looked at Julian, she remained quiet and focused on the task at hand,  and she emitted great joy in being there.

There will be future opportunities for Cassidy to work with children who need that extra special dog for the job.