Benny had his vaccinations. Can he work?

Waiting for his exam

Waiting for his exam

Benny had several booster shots yesterday for rabies, distemper and parvo.

It is Pet Partner’s policy that dogs not volunteer for several days after being vaccinated.


Benny was very calm and didn't mind the shots at all

Benny was very calm and didn’t mind the shots at all

The waiting period is because some dogs have reactions, even subtle ones. They can be lethargic or sore in areas where the shots were administered. They may not want to be touched in those areas.

They can be temperamental or just “off.”

Good job Benny!

Good job Benny!

Thus it’s important to time vaccinations around the work schedule.

So Benny will rest for a few days and then resume his very complex work load!

When I adopted Benny over three years ago he was an awful patient! He was frightened of the vet’s office and the cold table and the doctors. He was not a happy dog when given shots.

But when we went in yesterday, our vet (Matt Brooks, Town Center Animal Hospital) commented on how different Benny is today. He was so relaxed and gave no fuss at all getting three shots. No more nerves or excitement. Benny was the sweet boy we have all come to know and love. A Love Dog!

Benny is a different dog than when I first met him

Benny is a different dog than when I first met him

I always bring the dog’s blankets so they are not on a cold exam table. It also reinforces that Benny should Sit and Down while we wait.

That wasn't so bad!

That wasn’t so bad!

Benny knows when he is on his blue blanket he is “working” and it totally calms him down.  We met a new vet tech this time so I think Benny really enjoyed meeting someone new and showing him what a good dog he is!