Face to face

Two boys face to face

Two boys face to face

A little over a year ago Julian could not be in the same room with a dog.

He either froze with fear or ran with fright.

Then he started meeting with the Love Dog animal therapy team and his world expanded.

Two very happy boys

Two very happy boys

Now he not only tolerates being near dogs, but his best friend is a dog – Benny.

This week they got face to face, nose to nose.

Who knows what they were saying to each other but they were definitely communicating.

Maybe Benny was saying “Thank you for understanding me.”

Maybe Julian was saying “Thank you for being my friend.”

Maybe both boys were just enjoying being close to another living being that didn’t judge them or criticize them.

Petting Benny on his own

Petting Benny on his own

Maybe both boys were just enjoying the quiet peaceful times they can be together.

Maybe both boys were celebrating all they achieved together.

Maybe both boys simply were enjoying the gentle touch of another warm soul.

We may never know but this is what animal assisted therapy is all about – harnessing the unique power of the animal to break through barriers.

Benny and Julian – two boys, face to face.