Free Pet Partner animal therapy program Orientation in Las Vegas

Benny loves nothing more than a soft lap

Benny loves nothing more than a soft lap

On Sunday, October 20 at 11:00 am – 12:00 pm the Las Vegas Pet Partner Instructor and Evaluator will host a FREE Orientation to learn more about this animal therapy program (formerly Delta Society).

See if you and your pet have what it takes to join this renowned therapy program, and the local Las Vegas volunteer team.

  1. The five steps to becoming a Pet Partner therapy team are: Schedule a Free Orientation with the Pet Partner Instructor – this will determine if you and your dog need the Prep Class or even a more basic obedience class or are ready to move to the next step
  2. Attend the Pet Partner Handler Workshop (without your animal)
  3. Schedule your Evaluation with your animal with the Pet Partner Evaluator
  4. Upon passing, Register through Pet Partners
  5. Start volunteering with Love Dogs in Las Vegas or anywhere you prefer
Ginger working - so happy

Ginger working – so happy

To Register for the Free Orientation contact Upon Registration location will be shared.