Walk Now for Autism Speaks raised over $55,000

The Love Dogs were thrilled to be a part of today’s Walk Now for Autism Speaks held at UNLV. Over $55,000 was raised and the crowds just kept getting bigger and bigger.

We had four Love Dog animal therapy teams on hand to meet the children and show them how to greet a dog safely. We read stories and let them snuggle and cuddle with our dogs.

We were part of Team Julian and especially proud to be able to support him. He has made such tremendous progress over the year we have worked together. He introduced “his” Benny to everyone and even danced with Benny a little!

Julian and his family have taught us so much, not only about living with autism but living in general. They are always positive, always trying new things, always moving forward.

Boise and Cheerio were the perfect representatives of the Golden breed and of course we had the best poodles there.

Julian had met Boise many times but this was his first meeting with Cheerio. No problem!

Even children who were initially afraid of the dogs came around and before the day was over, I think every child at the Walk petted at least one dog.

Thank you to everyone for supporting this important cause and for making today such a splendid experience for the Love Dogs.