When Julian sees a dog he knows

Not too sure about getting close to Dash yet

Not too sure about getting close to Dash yet

Julian met Dash a long time ago during one of our Reading with the Love Dogs events. I don’t even have any photos of Julian with Dash then because they were never close enough to get in the same picture!

Helping take off Dash's coat

Helping take off Dash’s coat

He was a bit wary of Dash then. Dash is a very different kind of dog than the ones he usually spends time with. Dash is an Italian Greyhound and not fluffy at all! But he is very soft and silky and bright and fun and loving.

As close as you can get!

As close as you can get!

More aloof and shy than other dogs, Dash is a great breed to work with shy children. When he backs away and turns his body and curls up in a ball, the children understand that sometimes they want to do this too.

So we asked Dash and his mom Leslie to come join a therapy session with Julian and Benny.

Julian remembered Dash right and away and even remembered his name. Off to a good start. As we walked from the lobby to our therapy room, he looked back and was a bit unsure about this other dog coming into his room.

Benny's job is to just be there, a familiar friend

Benny’s job is to just be there, a familiar friend

But soon we had Dash on the mat with Julian. Julian was leaning away and looking pensive. Dash was perfectly behaved. He did his little bow for Julian and then lay down next to his owner. And just waited.

It did not take too long for Julian to help remove Dash’s coat and settle down to read Dash’s story. Yes, he kept looking over at Dash out of the corner of his eye, but then he would look over at Benny and having his friend there seemed to help. Very soon Julian was totally engaged with Dash and laughing at his antics and petting him.

Walking Dash to his car

Walking Dash to his car

This was a wonderful session and our goal one day very soon is to have many dogs in the therapy space with Julian, all different, all sizes, all breeds, all personalities. Julian will be surrounded by his furry friends, his loving friends, his teaching friends.

Thank you Dash for showing Julian that dogs always remember you and all they ask of you is love and attention and gentleness.