Roxy is now a Love Dog

Roxy loved being petted

Roxy loved being petted


Kristy and Roxy - so proud

Kristy and Roxy – so proud

What is it about Yellow Labs? They just have that goofy demeanor and great big smile.

Down, Stay

Down, Stay

Kristy and Roxy are our newest members of the Pet Partner/Love Dog animal therapy team and are sure to brings tons of smiles to everyone they meet.

Greeting a male "stranger"

Greeting a male “stranger”

abs often need some lead time to settle in and then once they are “working” have no problem being smooth with their movements and quiet and calm.

During their Pet Partner Evaluation, Roxy took every opportunity to go belly up and show us how sweet she is. She looked at her handler with calm, attentive eyes.

Roxy and Kristy will begin their therapy career at a rehabilitation center and hone the dog’s skills with a variety of activities.

We welcome them to our group and can’t wait to watch them develop as a therapy team.