Dr. Aubrey Fine discusses animal assisted therapy on KNPR today



Petey working

Petey working

Tune in this morning to hear Dr. Aubrey Fine discuss the benefits of animal assisted therapy on KNPR in Las Vegas. The program is “State of Nevada” and it will air from 9:40 am – 10:00 am on FM 88.9.

Dr.Fine is a psychologist and expert on integrating animals into traditional and non-traditional therapies. He is the author of “Our Faithful Companion s” and the “Handbook on Animal Assisted Therapy: Theoretical Foundations and Guidelines.”

You can learn more about Dr. Fine at www.aubreyhfine.com.

Dr. Fine serves on the Board of Directors of the international animal therapy program Pet Partners and I am honored to be on the discussion panel with him today.

Petey will be with me but I am not too sure he will have much to say!