The Love Dogs at UNLV made the press again!

The Love Dogs made a repeat appearance at UNLV for finals week and there was quite a buzz around town.

The Sun posted this wonderful piece with tons of great photos:

And Fox 5 News ran several stories and here is just one:

More to come soon. I want to thank all of our remarkable Love Dog teams who make these events so successful – and so much fun!

Clay and Tucker, Jill and Cedar, Leslie and Dash, Lisa and Boise, Marilyn and Cassidy, Susan and Ginger, Tiffany and George, Diane, Susan, Jessica and Rochelle – we couldn’t do it without our volunteers!


The UNLV Staff and our Team

The UNLV Staff and our Team

And we especially want to thank UNLV Lied Library for inviting us back and for already selecting dates for next year!