You just never know who you will meet

Petey was so content

Petey was so content

Today as I arrived in the lobby of our partner hospital for our Thursday visits with Petey, a man stopped us at the elevator. Well, he practically assaulted us! He was so excited to see Petey.

He said his dad was on the hospital and his mom was up there with him now and she would just go crazy over Petey!

We told him we would make sure to visit them but that wasn’t good enough. He had us actually follow him to the room to make sure we did!

As soon as we entered the room, the mom was sitting in a chair by her husband’s bed and the biggest smile broke out!

“Oh my, is that a real dog?”

She cuddled Petey in her lap and started sharing stories about her own two dogs. Then her husband wanted to meet Petey so I brought him to his bedside and leaned him down on his little blanket.

Back and forth we went between mom and dad!

The son just stood on the side and didn’t really want to interact with Petey. He said he was not a dog person but knew how happy this would make his parents.

What a terrific way to start our visit.