I underestimated my own dog today

Showing Benny the puzzle

Showing Benny the puzzle

Today when we met with Julian, I brought one of the new toys I got for Benny. It is the toy Boise plays with and it is a bit more difficult for Benny. He has only had it a few days and learned to open two of the four compartments.

You did it!

You did it!

Benny is a very persistent dog. He loves to learn new things and never gives up.

But this game did challenge him.

It is a Kyjen game for dogs named Jigsaw Glider. Boise can open the four compartments with his mouth, nose or tongue!

"Benny, you are the best dog!"

“Benny, you are the best dog!”

Benny prefers to use his paws with most of the other toys and sometimes his mouth.

This particular game has two sections Benny learned to open very quickly. But two were really hard for him and he had not been successful yet.

I brought his breakfast kibble for Julian to put in the compartments for Benny to then uncover. The days I know we may use treats with Benny, he does not get his breakfast. Instead he gets to eat with Julian!

One boy, one dog - such love

One boy, one dog – such love

As Julian was filling the game with the treats, I said “I don’t think he can open those,” as Julian went towards the harder sections.

Our wonderful therapist said to me “Don’t underestimate Benny!”

So we filled all four compartments.

And you know what?

With great dedication and persistence, Benny was able to open all four sections!

And while Benny was working his game, Julian was reading a book, right next to Benny. Julian kept his concentration on the book, even when Benny moved over and lay down on his foot!

Benny, you rock!

Benny, you rock!

Both boys were able to achieve new goals today and I learned the most important lesson of all: never underestimate anyone or any dog!

You rock Benny!