Who can explain some things?

Petey is a natural hospice dog

Petey is a natural hospice dog

Petey is going to take the rest of the summer off. He is getting better but I don’t want to stress him in the heat.

He and I saw our home hospice client two weeks ago before he became ill. She really loved that tiny dog. Each visit reinforced the bond they had formed and was time we truly enjoyed.

The one week we missed visiting while Petey was seeing doctors and being tested, I was told she asked for her dog and wanted a leash so she could walk him.

This week I decided to bring Benny in Petey’s place so we wouldn’t miss another week.

I had brought Benny before but she was sleepy during those visits and I didn’t think would remember him.

This time Benny lay down beside her on the bed and rested his head in the crook of her arm.

She was not very responsive and I had a feeling we would not have many more visits. This was our 21st visit, a very long time for someone in hospice.

I spoke with her and told her we were there.

She moved her arm and tried to push Benny away … this was not her dog.

I asked if she wanted to pet Benny or have him move closer.

She said No.

Maybe she understood Petey was not there or she was just having a bad moment.

Maybe she really did know it was a different dog and that she would not be seeing Petey again.

We stayed a little while and Benny did his best to comfort her.

That was Monday.

We just learned she passed away.

Home hospice is a very different type of therapy work. You usually don’t have twenty one visits over five months and you usually don’t get to know someone so well.

But through Petey’s eyes I saw what a lovely woman she was and know in my heart Petey brought her comfort all those months.

And I know Benny did his best to carry on his brother’s work at the very end.