Huffington Post Recognizes The Love Dogs


Sue Petey and Benny

Sue Petey and Benny

I wanted to share this amazing recognition with all of our Love Dog supporters — I was absolutely thrilled to have been chosen as one of The Huffington Post’s “50 Over 50: Giving Back” this year:

Each and every day it is our joy to serve the community and I couldn’t be more proud of what we do.

Here is the text from the Huffington Post web site:

Sue Grundfest, 60, Las Vegas, NV
It all started with a white fluffy poodle named Coco the Love Dog. Nineteen years ago, when Sue Grundfest was recovering from a life-threatening illness, Coco entered her life and everything changed. The fact that she had to care for this special puppy while she herself was healing gave her the motivation and determination to get well, Grundfest said. And in the process, an animal-assisted therapy team was born. Grundfest, who for decades was an Estée Lauder Companies’ vice president, retired when she was in her 50s. She and Coco — by then a senior dog that was blind, deaf and insulin-dependent — launched Love Dog Adventures, a Pet Partner Affiliate therapy program, the first in Nevada. Grundfest became a licensed instructor and evaluator for Pet Partners and developed her own team of therapy animals. She and her animals work with children on the autism spectrum, children living with emotional trauma, stroke patients, children and adults experiencing great struggles in their lives. She created an anti-bully program Be Cool, Not Cruel that teaches tolerance and kindness, all through the eyes of the dogs (and cats!). “I’ve gone from being a corporate executive to a professional dog trainer and volunteer program founder. I can’t imagine more of a shift in one’s life than that but it is what shaped me and is why I survived all those years ago. From adversity I found peace and my true calling,” she said. “I have devoted this part of my life to improving lives at both ends of the leash.”