Love Dog of the week: George

George is the sweetest dog

George is the sweetest dog

George is an Old English Sheepdog, with a Mohawk! Because he lives in Las Vegas he keeps his hair short and stylish!

He was adopted as a very young puppy and has been a therapy dog for several years now and found his niche working with children.

George volunteers with the Love Dog Adventures therapy program and loves working with children. He is an active member of the Be Cool, Not Cruel anti-bully program and visits many schools throughout the year. But his favorite assignment is the elementary school Love Dogs has adopted where he “teaches” every other week. He loves settling in on his spot on his blanket and having a circle of children around him as they read stories and learn all about dogs.

George loves going to college!

George loves going to college!

George is a shy dog, a wonderful trait he shares with children just like himself. They understand that while he may be one of the biggest Love Dogs, he is the sweetest and calmest and shiest. The children learn from George that it’s ok to be who you are and that how you look is not always how you are. Big dogs can be shy and tiny dogs can be feisty and all living beings are different and to be appreciated.

George's favorite place is "his" classroom

George’s favorite place is “his” classroom

George also works with children with special needs and loves visiting large events such as at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. He is always a hit wherever he goes and people are drawn to this huge dog with the biggest smile.

We are so proud that George is one of the Love Dogs chosen to be featured in a new children’s book called Love Comes on a Leash. You can read George’s story at

Just pet me and I'm happy

Just pet me and I’m happy

So today we celebrate George and his handler, Tiffany, and thank them for all the important work they do for the community.