Some things take years

Julian and the Coco ornament

Julian and the Coco ornament

Many years ago I was given the most beautiful hand painted Christmas ornament of my beloved Coco. I kept it in the box all these years so the glass had no chance of breaking. A wonderful artist painted the ornament and I cherished it for over fifteen years.

When I moved to Las Vegas from New York, I gave many of my belongings away. I donated my piano and furniture to charities. I gave my clothes and kitchen items to friends.

But this one ornament came with me. I packed it very gently and it made the move intact.

I do not celebrate Christmas or have a holiday tree but I had the most gorgeous personalized ornament. One of a kind.

Every time I cleaned my closets I opened the box and admired the ornament and said “One day I will find the right home for this, the right family to appreciate it in ways I never could. One day it will hang on a tree.”

And then it would be packed up again and put on a safe shelf.

I met the right family two years ago. The Sanchez family made such a difference in our lives, the way I look at the world, the way my Benny developed into the most wonderful therapy dog, the way I appreciate things.

So on Thanksgiving this year I knew exactly where this very special ornament belongs. It belongs on the Sanchez Christmas tree, wherever that tree may be.

So as Benny and I prepare to say goodbye to Julian and his family, he will have an ornament of a dog he never met but only knew of, to remind him of the twenty plus dogs and one cat he met in Las Vegas.

And I know my ornament will be cherished forever.

Some things take years.


The ornament was created by Nancy George Michalson and you can view her exquisite work at: