A Therapy Dog’s Journey

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In her new harness, ready to begin her therapy dog journey

In her new harness, ready to begin her therapy dog journey


Every now and then you meet a dog and owner that touches you in new ways. I met such a team at our Pet Partner Orientation. People bring their dogs to learn about our animal assisted therapy program in Las Vegas, Love Dog Adventures. We are a Community Partner chapter of the national therapy organization Pet Partners (formerly Delta Society) and this gives people the opportunity to understand our requirements and our program before they register for a Workshop.

It also gives us a chance to meet them and see areas in which they and their dog may need some more training.

A young woman contacted me to ask if I would meet her and her dog and see if they have therapy team potential.

She found the dog in the desert.

Listening in class

Listening in class

Her ears had been cropped so severely the vet thought scissors had done the job.

Her wounds showed she had multiple births.

It was determined she was a breeding dog.

Thrown away at about four years of age.

When you first look at her some people may see a menacing sight. They see a huge head with a muscular body. They see a brindle coat. They see a dog with almost no ears but with a long tail. They see a pit bull.

I saw a soul in those eyes. I saw humanity and compassion.

I saw love. Pure love in her eyes and body language and demeanor and relationship with the woman who rescued her.

That human-animal bond was palpable in the room.

I spent about half an hour having her listen and go through some commands. What a beautiful dog with such a calm, gentle manner.

Of course there is no guarantee she will make it all the way through to Love Dog, but there is great hope for her. She is a true survivor and gentle soul and somewhere there is something important waiting for her to do.

Her name is Aiza.

This is her journey to becoming a Love Dog.