Practice, practice, practice

Aiza practicing Patience at home

Aiza practicing Patience at home

The most important training takes place at home, between classes.

After each class I send written instructions of what we learned in class with our dogs. This is to remind the clients what we did and how we taught it our dogs. It is also to remind clients how important it is to work with their dogs every day, not just the one day a week of training class.

So often the dogs won’t do what we are teaching where we train because of the distractions and the time flies by so quickly. But once you get home and your dog is relaxed or even a bit tired, that’s when a new skill can be taught or reinforced.

Daisy doing her Down STay

Daisy doing her Down STay

I ask my clients to work for very short periods of time, maybe ten minutes, a few times  a day. Switch between behaviors or skills so your dog does not become bored.

Take nice walks in between and actually everything we learn can be practiced on the walks.

You can always tell when a client has not practiced at all during the week and each training day is like the first.

But when a client and dog comes in and is so proud to show me what they learned in just a week, everyone celebrates.

Remember, I teach you the human how to teach your dog, so what you do during the time between classes is what really cements what you want your dog to learn.

And you!