Next Act for Women Features the Love Dogs

Helene Tragos Stelian

Helene Tragos Stelian

crop 800 LOGO.JPGThere are many bloggers out there but every now and then one really resonates and you want to keep checking in to see who or what they are writing about. One such blog is Next Act for Women ( Helene Tragos Stelian writes about women, women of a certain age, women in transition, women who will inspire you.

Helene is 51 years old and lives in Chicago with her husband, twin daughters and a dog named Rocky. Her blog centers around women who have reinvented themselves, in small and perhaps major ways, to celebrate that it is never too late to take on new challenges and experiences.

It is never too late to start over.

As many of you know, I left the corporate world to work with animals and start Love Dog Adventures, a nonprofit animal therapy program in Las Vegas.

Helene approached me to write my story and it was a wonderful experience to be interviewed by her. Her questions were thoughtful and the chance to really reflect on the Next Act for this Woman!

This is her blog and I am honored to be the story of the day (