Sometimes the most simple visit makes the most difference


The Love Dog team

The Love Dog team

This is one of our busiest seasons with visits to all the colleges and universities in Las Vegas. We bring in the Love Dog teams to meet with students and help relieve their stress prior to exam time.

Sometimes we have hundreds, if not thousands, of students come by. The dogs all love the attention and the students gain so much from the relaxing time with the animals.

And sometimes it is a less hectic visit and all the teams can sit together and chat and enjoy our time relieving stress!

And then there is that one student whose life you know you have had an impact on.

A very special hug

A very special hug

One such student met with us last week.

At one point during our two hours, it was quiet in the library where we were stationed so this one student was our only visitor.

We sat around and chatted and at first the student was quite shy with the dogs.

But for this small window of time the student relaxed and had no pressure.

I took Benny outside to potty and we bumped into this student again. The student had not held the dogs yet but seemed to really take to Benny. The student held Benny and just cuddled real close.

Then we went back inside and everyone pulled their chairs around in a circle and this one student had a special visit with all the Love Dogs.

If all we had done was visit with this one student during this college session it was a day well worthwhile – for everyone.