Best Story Time Ever

Our monthly Story Time at the Children’s Therapy Center has just blossomed into so much more than reading. The children get to know the dogs, know about dogs, and some even overcame a fear of dogs.

Today the children met: Roxy, the most mellow Yellow Lab who loves to read

Chloe, the most beautifully groomed Toy Schnauzer ever who loves to cuddle

Lady, the Shih Tzu who survived the streets and is a true “lady” at heart and loves everyone

Petey, the smallest dog ever and the one first to greet the children and show them how sweet dogs can be

Max, a Border Collie who played catch with the children in his own room, showing the children how a very active dog can be taught to pay attention and play on a long leash in a safe way

Andrew with his Real Coco!

Andrew with his Real Coco!

One big surprise was a young boy who arrived with a Coco doll. He had gotten it 6 years ago when he met the Real Coco at a library event. Not only does he still cherish the doll, he named his own dog Coco!  What an honor to know that one fluffy white poodle made such an impression and now this little boy gets the opportunity to meet  Love Dogs that follow in her footsteps.