Rosie is a Love Dog now

crop 800 great sit waitRosie was found on the street, pregnant with her pups. She was taken into a rescue where she had her babies and they were all adopted out. Then she began her wait for her own new family.

Helen was looking for just the right dog for their family. The first shelter she went to was where little Rosie was waiting. While some people would think you have to look everywhere, Helen knew  this dog was for her.

So Rosie was on her way to a wonderful forever home. After two years, Helen thought they needed something to do and Rosie seemed to love everyone. So therapy work seemed their destiny.

crop 800 downRosie is a true mixed breed dog and it is great fun to hear what people think she is made up of! Those light blue eyes are riveting and her coloration beautiful. Definitely some Corgi or other herding dog, and who knows what all mixed up together to create a one of a kind dog.

Helen and Rosie passed their Pet Partners evaluation today and become the newest Love Dog team to serve the Las Vegas community.

Rosie was just "done" at the end of her test - rub my belly please

Rosie was just “done” at the end of her test – rub my belly please