A new experience for the kids

CROP 800 brittany hand over hand crop

The Love Dogs get several requests for school visits every day. Many of them want us to bring in our anti-bully program “Be Cool, Not Cruel.” But sometimes we bring our Response to Intervention into a school. One such school waited many months for our visit and it was so worth the wait.

CROP 800 dash yoga petted

We met with several very young special kids. Our goal was to introduce the dogs to the children and create a sensory experience for them. We go in with no expectations, but always a pathway to a goal in mind. And this particular visit went so much further than we anticipated.

COP 800 petey sniffing bestThe children were so engaged with the dogs and not afraid to try new things like touching, kissing, talking to the dogs. One little girl even stuck out her tongue in response to little Petey’s tongue falling out – such awareness and ability to mirror behavior. We can’t wait to return to this school. Thank you Dash, Brittany and Petey for making such a difference in the children’s day – and lives.

It was magical and why we do this thing called animal-assisted therapy.