A Way with Animals …

What does it mean to have “a way with animals?” It is difficult to describe but when Pierre met Benny and Petey for the first time, both dogs behaved in new ways. Benny usually takes a little while to warm up to someone in his home and he clings to me. But right away Benny wanted to sit very close to Pierre and look right into his eyes. And then he kissed his arm! I got up to get something, and Benny did not follow me, which he usually does. He cuddled in with his new friend and never looked for me.

Petey decided this new man had the perfect lap for a nap! He bundled up in his blanket and fell fast asleep – this is his highest compliment – if he sleeps in your arms, that’s his way of trusting you.

So both Benny and Petey exhibited amazing behaviors when they met Pierre for the first time … this young man definitely has a “way with animals.”