Our newest project

At our April 30 fundraiser we will be unveiling our newest, most exciting Love Dog project – our books!

The first book is “Petey Gets a New Family” and all the children who meet Petey will be able to have his story to read over and over.

The second book “Meet the Love Dogs” is a compilation of 24 of our teams and the second volume is already in the works!

The sale of the books will enable Love Dogs to provide even more to those we serve – and allow us to put a book in every child’s hand! Love Dogs has also bestowed eleven scholarships for training and will be able to provide even more funding for those who will make great therapy teams but need a little financial assistance.

The Petey book is $10 and Meet the Love Dogs is $15 so join us on April 30 and buy a book and support us in this rewarding way!