The Pet Partner evaluation

Dash, a Complex team

The Pet Partners evaluation is conducted in a space the team has never been before, with volunteers they have never met and a neutral dog they have not met … and it must be done indoors – all to truly simulate a visit and see how the team responds to the newness of any setting; much of the test is role playing and we want to observe the team going through the paces of different kinds of visits and see how they interact with the Evaluator and volunteers. They will test with an Evaluator they have not met before as well to provide objectivity. Both handler and animal are scored and the handler score supersedes the animal’s score as it is the human end of the leash we count on to provide a safe, happy therapy experience.

The Pet Partners evaluation has four scores:

Complex – the highest level and many facilities require Complex level teams as their standard

Predictable – just what it says – you passed the test and can be registered and can have the goal of becoming a Complex team in the future – most teams pass Predictable and do a great job as therapy teams

Not Ready – just that – you have great potential but didn’t pass all the elements and can test again

Not Appropriate for Visiting – you are not deemed appropriate for visiting and cannot retest with this program