A salute to Kirby

Today we want to recognize Kirby, one of the very best AAT dogs. He was very small, only eight pounds, but he was the star “back up” dog. He could encourage someone to walk farther than they ever thought possible by simply backing up inch by inch! Step by step the client approached the little dog barely realizing how far they had walked and how much they had accomplished.

The key to this is the very steadiest of dogs, staying on his mark until given the signal to “back up” with a little hop. Kirby was the best at this and gently sat up when asked to provide a little eye contact and naturally laid down when it was taking a bit longer than expected!

Benny now does this kind of work in the rehab but Mr. Kirby is still recognized as the all time star. And the reward for both human and dog was the biggest hug!