The most exciting visits

We are so fortunate to have many dogs (and cats) in our program living with special challenges. And when we are invited to meet with children sharing those challenges, magic happens. It is inspirational to hear about dogs that have survived things like strokes or cancer or amputations or blindness, it is even more inspirational to meet them

This month several of our most special dogs will meet with about 200 most special children, many of whom share the uniqueness of the dogs chosen for this event.

They will see how Brittany does just fine with three legs and that Petey has the same shaped feet as they do or how Dash had operations on both back legs and still runs 25 miles an hour!

They will get to pet Daisy and hear her story and watch how Petey learned to eat on his own and how Dash likes to hide in his blanket and how Brittany loves her belly rubs.

They will learn they are all perfect just the way they are!