Benefits of joining Love Dog Adventures

Love Dog Adventures is the Nevada Community Partner affiliate of Pet Partners and thus all teams are trained, tested and insured by Pet Partners. We have over 20 health care, educational and customized partners in Las Vegas, Henderson and Boulder City whereby we create the protocols for our teams and our anti-bully program travels from school to school. .

  • Discounted Pet Partners Registration fees
  • Complimentary Pet Partners Bandana for your pet
  • Complimentary Love Dog t-shirts and lanyards
  • Customized Trading Cards created for your pet (our signature take away)
  • Additional customized training to work in specific environments
  • Continuing education, shadowing and mentoring
  • Opportunity to be a part of a team and work alongside other teams
  • Opportunity to participate in Las Vegas College visits
  • Opportunity to participate in the Love Dog Anti-Bully initiative in the schools
  • Opportunity to participate in large events, conferences, conventions representing Pet Partners and Love Dogs
  • Participation in the Love Dog Story Time activity
  • Opportunity to work with populations and environments exclusive to Love Dogs