We say goodbye to KC

Love Dog Adventures has been in Las Vegas for over eight years now. One of the first volunteers to join the group was Sandy. She had two dogs at the time, Rocky and KC and both became outstanding therapy dogs. Over the years she adopted two more dogs and they too were wonderful therapy dogs. And Sandy’s fifth animal, her Thoroughbred horse Rygambo, was also a Pet Partner therapy animal!

Over the recent years, Rocky, Bingo and Rygambo passed away. Then Sandy moved from Nevada but always stayed in touch and shared the great work she was doing with her pets.

Today we learned the sad news that KC passed away. She was the most beautiful Shepherd mix and showed us all that a dog can be an agility champion as well as the best therapy dog!

Sandy has now lost four of her five Pet Partners animals … and her last little guy has retired. But I just know their legacy will live on and Sandy is hoping to work with a horse again.

Thank you Sandy for being here for the start of Love Dogs, and always being the very dearest friend.